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XLED TIMESCO™ laryngoscope handles have a replaceable, super bright LED bulb to provide superb illumination with reusable and single use blades. They arefully autoclaveable and are available in medium, small and stubby sizes.

The XLED handles are compatible with all TIMESCO™ single use and reusable green ISO 7376 fitting blades.

A polished metal collar reflects and directs light up towards the fibre core of the blade for maximum illumination.
Clear product branding with the product code and CE located on the opposite side to the XLED logo. The LOT number is shown on the top of the handle.
Fully autoclaveable metal handle covered by a 5 year guarantee or 4,000 autoclaves, whichever is sooner.
Super-bright replaceable LED bulb provides excellent, white illumination with a LUX output of 123,000. It provides 5,000 hours of use and a colour temperature of 5,300(k).
Colour coded band to clearly identify it is ISO 7376 fitting compatible with green fi ttingreusable blades and single use blades.
Knurled handle design provides excellent grip.
Secure screw cap for easy access to dry cell batteries.