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Eurosets Medical Devices : VENICE P.A.S.

The VENICE P.A.S autotransfusion system (Cardiopulmonary Post-operative Autotransfusion System) was optimised in order to respond to the specific needs relative to the recovery of blood from cardiosurgical wound drainage following an operation.
VENICE P.A.S. is a fully disposable system which combines the characteristics of a “closed-circuit autotransfusion system” with those of a “multichamber thoracic drainage system”.

• capacity: 2500 ml
• blood macro filtration
• transfer blood capacity: 1350 ml
• suction control adjustable from -5 to -25 cmH2O
• dedicated interface to cell saver machine
• internal knock-over labyrintic pathway:
– it allows the water level to be recovered in the event of an accidental knock-over;
– it guarantees that no spill over occurs between water seal and collection chamber in the event of an accidental knock-over
• patented bulkheads in the suction control chamber to guarantee that no “water spill over“ occurs while system is bubbling (working mode)
• flexible, safe, easy-to-hang hooks